Errors Cannot Perform a Cyclic Copy and CMD Does not Support UNC Paths as Current Directories when Upgrading to 14.60

When upgrading to 14.60, in the command window the errors, "Cannot preform a cyclic copy" along with "CMD does not support UNC paths as current directories" can occur. It is noted that the command window stalls at the point of updating assemblies. It is also noted that a UNC path is listed on the top of the command window along with the FIMSDir.

This is due to the FIMS shortcut on the SERVER where the upgrade is being preformed having UNC paths rather than absolute paths to the NPO directory. Right-click on the FIMS shortcut on the server and make sure absolute paths are there rather than UNC paths and then Click Apply and OK.

Important Note: When you change the settings for the FIMS shortcut, be sure to rick-click and run FIMS as admin and wait for the database selection window to appear, then you can click cancel to close. Do this before re-running the upgrade. The reason for this is that FIMS needs to be launched in order for the registry to be updated on the server.

Close the upgrade command window and re-launch the upgrade installer to ensure an error free upgrade. The command window should be free of errors when running as well as the Compile process that takes place later in the upgrade. See the following documentation on the upgrade process:

FIMS shortcut on the server properties:

Note: You may have a different drive other than C where FIMS is installed on the server. Do not use the shared N drive as the directory for the FIMS shortcut on the server. The server will use the absolute path where FIMS is installed on it.

C:\NPO\dlc\bin\prowin32.exe -pf c:\npo\found\configfiles\ -ini c:\npo\found\configfiles\fimsnt.ini

Start in:

NOT correct:
\\servername\NPO\dlc\bin\prowin32.exe -pf \\servername\found\configfiles\ -ini \\servername\npo\found\configfiles\fimsnt.ini

Start in:




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