Where are Grant Attachments located in FIMS when they are Imported from IGAM?

When attachments are sent over from IGAM to FIMS, where are they stored in FIMS?
In IGAM, the files are saved in a folder under: GIFTS > IGAM > Forms > (Form ID) >Apps >(RecordID). When the application is considered into FIMS, the files are copied and saved in a folder under: Found>Profiles>(Profile Name/ID)>Grant_#####.

The files are copied from the IGAM location to the FIMS location, so there are two copies in the system until the application is purged from IGAM. The documents can be moved out of the FIMS folder after importing the application from IGAM but it is recommended to keep them in the FIMS folder for easy access. You can create a copy and move to another location.

It is not possible to change where the documents get saved, they will always get saved to the Profile folders.




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