This message is a reminder/warning that if the pledge is deleted, then any linked payment gifts (like pay-cash) will be deleted too. You can click Yes to proceed with the delete, or click No to go back to the gift.

Pledge deletion warning: Deleting this pledge record will delete all payments applied to this pledge. Are you sure you want to delete this gift record?

It is not possible to keep any payment gifts without a pledge to link them to. If you need to keep payment gifts:
  • If you are trying to correct a pledge, enter the new pledge first, apply the existing pay-cash to the new pledge, and then delete the old pledge. (Note: A posted payment gift will have to be unposted before it can be applied to the new pledge.)
  • OR re-enter the payments as gifts not linked to a pledge. For example, re-enter pay-cash as Cash gifts, Pay-Stock/Property as Stock/Property, and so on.

For more information, please refer to the following: