In order to apply the tuition fees to the newly added students on existing accounts:
  1. Select the Family that has the new student you want to apply the fee to
  2. Hover on the Side Blue Menu
  3. Click Apply Fees and Discounts
  4. On the right side of the page you will see the fees currently being applied to the family (will be in green)
  5. Choose the fee that you wish to add to the new student(s) that is being applied to the other students on the account
  6. Remove that fee
  7. Provide a reason for this removal
  8. The fee that you just removed will be available to be applied to the students on the account
  9. Select the fee you just removed
  10. You will see all the students on the account that the fee can be applied to
  11. Select the students that originally had the fee applied to them and Select the new student that you wish to have the fee applied to
  12. Provide the reason for the fee being applied
  13. The tuition fee has now been applied to all students
Note: Make sure that the newly added student(s) fit the criteria of the fee being applied. This mostly refers to making sure they fit into the grade level field of the fee.