When you've added new levels to your membership program and you want to move some existing members to that new level, there are two recommended options: 
  1. Manually change those members to that level. Altru does not have a global change function for moving members to new levels.  The advantage of doing this is that when the members renew they’ll already be in the correct newly created level and this makes the transition happen more quickly.  The disadvantage is that this takes manual clean up time.  Some organizations choose to manually move all of the members at once and others will move those members on a monthly basis (for example, before sending renewals to members who expire next month, you would manually change their levels for that subset of members only).  
  2. When members renew from their existing levels, they can renew into the newly created Family plus Childcare Provider level. The advantage of this is that there is no clean up work to do, but the disadvantage is that you would not be able to direct those current members to that new level using the Altru email renewal function as Altru will see them as the standard Family level.  Additionally, this method takes a year to fully transition to using the new level.