In NXT web view, the 'Mark as do not mail' selection maps to the 'Send mail to this address' checkbox on the address record in database view.

When marking an address record as do not mail in web view, the Has no valid address checkbox on a constituent's Bio 1 or Org 1 tab will ALSO be updated if:
  • The constituent only has one address record 
  • The constituent has multiple addresses, but all other addresses are do not have the Send mail to this address checkbox marked in the database view.
For example: 
If a record has two address records, one of the Preferred Address and another address that is an older/former address.  In the database view, the former address doesn't have the checkbox to receive mail marked (therefore in NXT web view, the Do not mail symbol is listed in web view). 
  • When a users edits this record's current Preferred Address in NXT web view as Mark as do not mail, the Has no valid address checkbox on the Bio 1 tab will then be marked once that address is saved in web view.