Step #1: Process the Total Number of Visits Smart Field in Altru: 
  1. Click Administration > Smart Fields
  2. Click the arrow beside the Total Number of Visits smart field
  3. Click Process Smart Field. You may also want to consider adding a Job Schedule so that your smart field is always up to date. 
  4. Review the information on a constituent record or in query to make sure the data is correct. 

Step #2: Add Smart field to your query:
  1. Navigate to Analysis, then click on Information Library
  2. Click Add an ad-hoc query
  3. Select source view of Constituents and click OK
  4. In the left column, expand Smart Fields, then select Total Number of Visits. From the middle column, drag Value into Include records where. Set to Equal to the number of visits you want to review.
    • For example: To see patrons who visited at least once, set to Greater than or Equal to 1.
  5. From the same middle column, drag Value into Results fields to display.
  6. Click Set save options tab and Name your query
  7. Save and Close

Note: The above steps will show you every patron who purchased admission, member and non-member. If you need to see only members, please refer here.