The grand total in Total Donors column is the number of unique donors without duplication. Here's an example to explain this:

A Statistical Report is set up to run on Gift Fund and the Total Donors column is added.
  • Donor A gives to Fund 1, Fund 2
  • Donor B gives to Fund 1, Fund 3
  • Donor C gives to Fund 2
The report will preview with columns like this:
FundTotal Donors
Fund 12 (donors A and B)
Fund 22 (donors A and C)
Fund 31 (donor B)
Grand total3
  • If you add up the totals of Fund 1, Fund 2, Fund 3 -- that equals 5 because Donor A and Donor B gave to two funds each.
  • However, the grand total is the total of unique or distinct donors -- that equals 3 to represent Donor A, Donor B, and Donor C.