The enrollment row in Core will be locked down if there is any data tied to it. In this case, course enrollments. Although dropped, still exist for this row. In order to delete the row, remove any and all enrollments related to that year.
  1. Navigate to Academics
  2. Use the People Finder to search for the student and switch to the appropriate school year 
  3. Click on the Enrollments tab
  4. Expand the Dropped Enrollments section, note all of the courses listed.
  5. Click Manage under Academics for the semester of the dropped enrollments.
  6. Search for each course and click the plus sign to add the course back.
  7. Once all of the courses are back to "enrolled" the Dropped Enrollments section will disappear.
Note: You may need to refresh the page to see the change display
  1. Click Manage under Academics for the appropriate semester again
  2. Edit each course to select Scheduling Change (Remove Course Record) and enter a withdraw date.
Note: This option is only available if there is no grade or attendance data present
  1. Navigate to Core
  2. Use the People Finder to search for the student
  3. Click the Access tab
  4. Click the edit pencil and select Edit School Enrollment from the dropdown.
  5. Delete the enrollment row for that school year