After importing the consent UDF set, some don't have the consent option applied

After importing the consent User Defined Fields set and adding a test journal entry, I've noticed that some of the fields don't show as greyed out. Checking the fields settings the Consent Channel and Consent Message Content fields don't have the consent option applied in step 2: Application.
The Consent fields themselves are locked (Email Consent, Phone Consent, Newsletter Consent) so that they cannot be edited. These additional fields described in the bug are not locked down by design because they're not tracking Consent themselves, just additional information that an organisation may choose or not choose to use.

If you do want those fields to have the consent option applied the UDFs can be added manually:
  • Click Management, the User Defined Fields
  • Click or create a category
  • Name the UDF (Please note it can't have the same name as an active or disabled UDFs)
  • Set the Data Type then click next
  • Tick the consent box to apply the consent application, then click next
  • Set the Filed Attributes, then click next
  • The Display Type will already be set to single select, click next
  • set the Security if applicable, click next
  • Add Values
  • Click Save and Finish 

If you would like to see this functionality changed, please make the suggestion in the Idea Bank.

Steps to Duplicate

  • Click Management, then User Defined fields
  • Click Add Deind Fields Set
  • Click Consent Fields
  • Click Import Event Set
  • Click Management, then User Defined fields
  • Click the drop down for Consent Information then click on Consent Message Content
  • Click Field Application and see the consent option has not been applied

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