We would like to apply two different manually assigned discounts, (for example: Active Military 50% off and Local Resident 50% off) to a group of 4. The discounts are of the same value. Applying the different discounts of the same value will ensure that we can accurately report on the different discounts being applied to visiting patrons.

  • Note: the processes outlined below will also apply if the manual discounts have different value.

For example: we have a 4 Adults as part of a daily admission sales order as you see here:

User-added image

There are two options you can use depending on your Daily Sales Page configuration:

Option #1: Using the Built In Discount Button:

  1. When  you click on the built in discount button and select the manual discount of choice, make sure that  you deselect the the default Apply discount option of "To all valid items" and select the number of times you would like to apply the discount . In this example it is 2 and then click "Save":  
  2. User-added image
  3. You will see the manual discount being applied to the order:
  4. User-added image
  5. Repeat the process for the other discounts that you would like to apply to the same order. In the screenshot below we can see the  Local Resident discount being applied once:
  6. User-added image
  7. We can now see this additional discount has been applied once:
  8. User-added image
  9. You can repeat this process for additional manually applied discounts within the same order if needed. 

Option #2: Using Discount Specific Buttons:

  1. Before applying discounts through discount-specific buttons it is important to review the configuration of these manual discount buttons. Do make sure that these discount buttons are set to apply only once and not "To all valid items". If you have the button set for all valid items it will apply to all instances of the price types and defeat the objective of different discounts on the same price type
  2. User-added image
  3. So, when you are on the Daily Sales page, you just click on the button the number of times you want to repeat the discount:
  4. User-added image
  5. After that you can click on the second discount button (or the common discount button if the second discount does not have its own button) and click it the number of times you want the discount to apply:
  6. User-added image