Audit Policies made Inactive after 14.60 Upgrade

After upgrading to 14.60, the audit policies are made inactive and have to manually be made active again.
This was caused by the FIMSInternal user not having audit policy permissions in this instance, however, this issue can also be caused by the user who logged into FIMS while doing the upgrade not having audit policy permissions.

To determine what users have audit policy permissions, do the following:

1. From FIMS | Tools | Run Procedure.  Type in _admin.p and click OK.

2. Data Administration | Admin | Security | Edit Audit Permissions, look to see what users are listed.

4. Make sure that FIMSInternal is listed there, if not, that user needs to be added.

Occasionally, this issue can also be caused by the upgrade not properly completing. In \npo\found\FIMS, review the FIMS-upgrades-2018.log. About 4 lines from the bottom there should be "tools\upfims.p - run gui\tools\update\audreact.p". If it is not there then the upgrade failed earlier. If it is there but on the last line then the upgrade failed trying to reactivate auditing.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Upgrade FIMS to 14.60
2. Go to Tools\System Utilities\Admin Utilities\Auditing Utilities\Auditing Policy Maintenance
3. Note that the policies are no longer active



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