This error occurs when an attribute description is longer than 255 characters. This could be a text gift attribute that was included on the form and the donor typed in something greater than 255 characters in the field or it could be one of the Online Express gift attributes that are automatically added to gifts that come in via Online Express forms. In one case this happened for all transactions that came in on an event registration form because the Online Express Page URL Description attribute was more than 255 characters and was added to all transactions.
  1. Go to Tools > Edit Batch Setup in the batch from the top drop down menu.
  2. Select the Fields tab
  3. Scroll down to attributes at the bottom of the left hand column and expand the menu by clicking on the + sign
  4. Add any gift attributes that are on the form and the Online Express specific attributes to the Data Entry Fields on the right
  5. Click Data Entry and find the attribute in the batch that is too long and edit it so it is less than 255 characters
  6. Commit the batch