There are a few possible causes for this error. The first can be caused by a mismatch in the Core Student User ID and the School Student ID in Smart Tuition.  We know that Core User IDs can not be edited, so this must be corrected in Smart Tuition so the ID numbers match once more.

In order to correct the School Student ID in Smart:
  1. Search for the School by ID and select the correct year
  2. From the Families dropdown, select View All Students
  3. Search for the student and click on their name
  4. Expand the left sidebar menu and select Update Parent and Student Info under More Options
  5. Edit the School Student ID under the correct student name
  6. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page
If the School Student ID matches, this could be due to different users being assigned to the student as Responsible Signers. Examples of this include:
  • A duplicate account existed for parent who signed the contract last year and was deleted - not merged. Use the report Deleted Users (Core > Analysis > Reports) to identify if a parent may have been accidentally deleted after the previous year's contracts. This can be avoided by selecting to merge duplicate parent accounts. To correct this, please contact Customer Support and reference this Knowledgebase article. 
  • A different set of Responsible Signers were present on a previous year's integrated contract with the same Family ID. If the change in Responsible Signers is expected, this may require the parents to create a new Smart Tuition account instead of being able to reuse an existing account.
  • A different set of Responsible Signers are already present on a sibling's profile with the same Family ID. If this is expected - such as in a split family where one parent may have multiple children attending the school with a current/former spouse - a new account must be used. If this is not expected - such as both parents listed as Responsible Signer for one child while only a single parent is listed for the other - edit the responsible signers to match by either removing or adding the second parent as a Responsible Signer.