The error message is displayed because there is an error with the constituent’s registration. With special events and preregistered programs, you can update the language settings on a specific event form to display different information than the default message. 

Updating the Default Language of an Event Registration form
  • Click Web on the navigation bar
  • Choose Manage event registration forms
  • Search for your event by the event name or the event date and click apply. In this example I will use the event name
  • Expand the event information by clicking on the icon next to the event
  • Select ‘Options’
User-added image
  • The ‘Option’ screen will appear. Select the Language tab at the top of the window
User-added image
  • When you are on the Language tab you can select the ‘Validation’ category from the pull down menu
User-added image
  • In the ‘Registrant is already registered’ text field enter the information that should be displayed to the user making the reservation.
  • Click Save and your web form is now updated
User-added image


Note: If you edit the default language ensure that you provide both a tip to resolve the issue, but also include contact information if they are still having issues. Also, remember that any updates to the language field will need to be repeated on each event that is created. This is not a universal change to all Event Registration forms.