Adding links within merge fields in emails do not populate the URL correctly

When using merge fields that contain referrers for URLs within an email, the resulting link does not work correctly or direct to the correct place.

You may use this function to send out mass emails directing the recipients to their own unique URL, including the constituent's unique referrer as a merge field.


A merge field containing "smith123" as the referrer and adding the merge field as following:

Mr Smith, please see your unique URL here: https://samplesurvey/<merge_field>
Due to the way NetCommunity pulls in the merge data to the emails, it will not treat the merge data as part of the URL, to overcome this add the full URL to the merge field instead of the end referrer


Add the full URL within the merge field "https://samplesurvey/smith123" so it will be added as:

Mr Smith, please see your unique URL here: <merge_field>


 Blackbaud NetCommunity

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