First, the Link Category needs to be created to be added to the Resource Board.

If content is managed inside of School Website:
  1. Go to School Website > Content > Additional Content Types > Links
  2. Select Add New Category and give the New Category a name (e.g – “Parent Link”, etc)
  3. Description is optional
  4. Under Access, click on Public and then click Save
  5. Next, click on your newly created category.  You will be re-directed to a blank Links page.  Click the Add button.
User-added image
  1.  In the pop-up window, give the link a title (e.g – “Smart Tuition”, etc.)
  2. Click on the radio button under Link to the left of URL
  3. Copy and paste the Smart Tuition SSO URL used in Smart Tuition set-up screen (Core > Settings > Blackbaud connections > Smart Tuition > Click Smart Tuition Setup > Smart Tuition SSO is the URL you will wish to copy/paste.)
  4. You will see a check box for Open in New Window check box.  If this is marked, when the parent clicks on the Smart Tuition Resource Board tile, a new window opens for the Smart Parent Site. This allows for On and the Smart Parent Site to be open simultaneously. If it is left unmarked, when the parent clicks on the Smart Tuition Resource Board tile, they are re-directed from On to the Smart Parent Site.
Then you will create a Resource Board Post (Tile for Users to click to get to the Smart Tuition SSO)
Note: You'll need the platform manager and content manager role in order to manage resource board content. Navigate to:
  1. Core > Content > Resource Boards
  2. Next to View Boards is a drop-down menu (Alum, Faculty, Friend, Parent & Student).  Select Parent from the menu (you can choose to publish to Faculty also in the next Steps)
User-added image
  1. Click the Add Post button
  2. You will see the following Add New Post window appear
User-added image
  1. Within the Add New Post pop-up window, Title should be reflective of where the title redirects.  Examples could be:
  • Tuition Management
  • Smart Tuition
  • Parent Billing Account
  1. The title will also appear on the tile along with a logo.  If your school doesn’t want the title to appear, enter a space here.
  2. Description is an optional field.  Some may use it to describe what Smart Tuition does (e.g – Payment Processing or Billing Details, etc.).  It will appear on the tile so it should be short and sweet.
  3. The Cover Photo should be the latest, approved version of the Smart Tuition logo.  It will serve as the logo on the tile.  It can be dragged into the field box or uploaded as a saved file.  JPEG is the recommend format sized at 600 x 400 pxNote: You may obtain the latest version of the Smart Tuition logo by contacting your Smart Tuition Implementation Specialist.
  4. Under Post Cover Goes to: Select the Direct Link button
  5. Click the Select Category drop-down menu to locate the Links Category created in School Website above
  6. Click on the Select Link drop-down menu and select the link you created
  7. In the Apply To Selected section, mark the checkboxes next to the Roles who should be able to access the tile via the Resource Board.  For Example this is selected by School Level: Faculty - Upper School, Parent - Middle School etc
  8. Click Save