First, we'll need to create query to group the gifts that are towards the fundraiser that have soft credits as the soft credits identify the Team or Individual that raised the gift:
  1. Click on Query in the top menu bar
  2. Click on Manage Queries
  3. Locate the Query Category to save this query in
  4. Click New Query under its name
  5. On the new query screen, enter a name for the query
  6. For the Starting Query, select the desired Query Category of Base and the Query of All Journal Entries
  7. Under Results, set the Data Return Type to Journal Entries
  8. Under Criteria Options, select Match all Criteria and Any Persona
  9. Scroll down to select criteria fields under the Browse Fields tab
  10. Select Amounts in the drop-down
  11. Click on Individual Transaction Soft Credit
  12. Set this to Greater Than
  13. Enter $0.00
  14. Select Defined Fields in the drop-down
  15. Click on Fundraisers
  16. Mark the desired Fundraiser
  17. Select Journal in the drop-down
  18. Click on Journal Entry Types
  19. Mark Gift (Optionally, add recurring gift, pledge, payment, and/or split transaction if these were entered / accepted as part of the Fundraiser)
  20. Click Save And View Queries (or Save And Run Report to continue with the report steps below)

The Query groups the Journal Entries from the Fundraiser. Now, we'll create a Custom Report that will list the Fundraiser and the gifts they raised to sponsor them:
  1. If you're not already on the Report Categories page, click on Reports in the top menu and select Manage Reports
  2. Locate the Report Category to save this Report in
  3. Click New Report under its name
  4. On the Create a New Report screen, enter a name for the Report
  5. Scroll past the Group Results section for now
  6. In the Report Columns under the Browse Fields tab, select Sets in the drop-down
  7. Click on Name and Address
  8. Click on Gift Information
  9. Select Journal Fields in the drop-down
  10. Click on Fundraiser (scroll down to find)
  11. Click on Linked Soft Credit Account Name (scroll down to find)
  12. Now scroll back up to revisit the Group Results section
  13. Under Group By, select Linked Soft Credit Account Name
  14. Leave Show Group Totals in the second drop-down that appears
  15. Keep the dot on No - treat each segment as a separate transaction
  16. Click Save and Run
  17. To run the Report, select the Category and Query of the query created above
  18. Leave the Export As section as set
  19. Set Report Format to Display Results on Screen
  20. Click Submit