The Export or Export to File button is located on every tab of the Enrollment section of Smart Tuition and every tab of the Family section except the Email Parents section. Under each tab is information that is filterable and once sorted you can click Export or Export to file. 

User-added image

This allows for users to filter the information and create reports based on what is available.  When pressed it will automatically generate an excel file at the bottom of your screen that you can access, save, and edit, at your leisure. 
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This Export option is only used to create reports that are not listed in the Static reports section.  

 An example of how you can use this option is to create a report of all of your families on the 10-month tuition plan :
1. Navigate to Families, select Manage Families
2. Under Filters, Select Payment Plan, 10-month plan
3. By clicking the Family button, as shown below, you will be able to select all the families with the specified Filter.  

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4. Click Export to create the file.