This can happen if the team was deleted in LCRM. Team deletions do not sync both ways. If the team is disbanded in LO, the team will not be removed in LCRM. If the team in LCRM is deleted, then it will not remove the team in LO. If you're seeing a difference in team membership between LO and LCRM for the same record, without any QPM records, then it's likely the team was deleted in one system but not the other. The surest way to confirm is to check the creation dates of the registration records in LCRM and compare that with the creation date of the team. If the team was created after the registrations, that is an indication that the team was deleted and then was recreated later.

When registrations sync over to LCRM, teams are automatically created if they don't already exist so there's not a scenario where teams don't exist for a registration when it syncs over. Since it's a lookup field, if the team is deleted the team name is removed from the registrations. To re-add the teams for the registrations, you can contact your account manager to inquire about a data project to have that information sync back down from Luminate Online.