Performance: ETL packages blocking on each other when using parallelism of 2 or more

When the ETL is initially deployed you can specify the 'ETL Max Parallelism' from the 'Edit advanced settings' screen on the Blackbaud Data Warehouse Deployment Wizard. The Max ETL Parallelism determines the maximum number of SSIS packages to run in parallel. When using a Max ETL Parallelism of 2 or more, some SSIS packages can block another SSIS package from running.
This behavior is intended because one package may depend on another package. When package B needs to wait for something in package A to complete, package B may show as being blocked by package A. This is intended because package B may be dependent on package A. 

Steps to Duplicate

1. Navigate to Administration and select Data warehouses.
2. Select 'Blackbaud Data Warehouse'.
3. Under 'Refresh data', select 'Start ETL refresh'.
4. Check SQL Snaps and see that there may be a package that is blocking another package from running.


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