It may be due to the years that are set up in Core > School > Years and Terms missing the final year they need for their enrollment. To correct this, do the following:
  1. Navigate to Core > Settings > School information > Years and Terms
  2. Ensure that in the Selected Year drop down the final year is available, if not click Add
  3. Enter the School Year Label and ensure the begin and end school year have the correct dates
  4. Click Save & Close
To correct the first year students this can be done by enrolling them into their final year once the academic year has been created. To do so:
  1. Navigate to CORE> Users > Edit user profile data
  2. Search for the student with the incorrect enrollments
  3. Click into the student's profile and Scroll down to the System Information tile
  4. Click Student Enrollment
  5. Click Enroll in School and add in the enrollment and grade level for their final year
  6. Click Save
This will correct their enrollment and also update their alumni affiliation