What is the Projected Income report?

Can I use the Projected Income report to know how much will be deposited on the funds transfer dates?

The Projected Income report is used to view how much is billed, per month, per due date, per payment method. This report is based on the billing details, not the payments made. You may run the  Estimated Remittance Report for determining the amount expected on the next funds transfer date.

If you have multiple due dates, the Projected Income report will be helpful for budgeting purposes. Attached is a sample report.

To run the report:
  1. Login to https://school.smarttuition.com
  2. Click on the applicable school year
  3. Click on the Report tab at the top
  4. Under Cash Flow, select Project Income Report
  5. Click Include Smart Fees, if needed
  6. Click on PDF to print the report or Excel for filtering the report

Keep in mind that billing adjustments or student withdrawals will adjust the report totals. 

You may schedule this report to be emailed to you on a regular basis.

  Sample ProjectedIncomeReport20180430.pdf

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