Security deposit does not pull into deposits

One company paid the security deposit and facility rental. But I don't know why the security deposit can't be processed by deposit.
If you experience this issue make sure the drawer that holds the payment is in the Approved drawer list with a status of approved. Also make sure the deposit process includes a deposit template with the correct revenue source/payment method and the deposit date includes your payment. If all of those conditions are true and you're still experiencing this issue chat with support and reference this article.

Steps to Duplicate

Make sure you have a security deposit that sits in an approved drawer
  1. Click treasury > Review deposits
  2. Click Start process > choose a deposit template that includes the Group Sales and the appropriate payment method
  3. Click Start
After the process is ran notice that the transaction didn't pull into the deposit process. If you attempt to link the payment manually to the deposit it doesn't show in the search results
  1. Click Treasury > Deposit Search
  2. Search for and select the deposit
  3. Click unlock deposit if the deposit has been locked (skip to step 4 if deposit has already been unlocked)
  4. Click link > search for the payment and notice that it doesn't show in the results


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