I am getting a white screen when approving or logging in to Angelpoints.

Either you try to log into your AngelPoints and you get a white screen and it does not populate or if you are able to log in and try to approve a pending rewards you get a white screen and cannot log back in.
There was a brief outage that AngelPoints experienced the morning of April 24, 2018

The outage was caused by coinciding updates to the databases that power AngelPoints. Our database vendor was making a large update at a time when we were making our routine updates to the database.

We were able to restore connectivity very quickly, but do apologize if you experienced an interruption in access. 

We are working with the vendor to better coordinate on the timing of updates to prevent this issue from occurring again.

Thank you for your patience! 

Steps to Duplicate

1.  Login to AngelPoints site
2. Go to  Manage then select Rewards
3.  Select an item in the Pending folder and Approve it.
4.  The Approve does not occur and the screen goes white.

After that may get kicked out and was unable to log back in --
or if you click Single sign on link -- Nothing loads and they get a white screen.



 Firefox;Internet Explorer

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