1. Select Tools > System Utilities > Admin Utilities > Audit Utilities > Auditing Policy Maintenance > Audit Events tab
  2. Click the Add Record button on the Events toolbar.
  3. Click the lookup button in the Event id field and select the appropriate event:
  • 5100 – Database record create
  • 5101 – Database record update
  • 5102 – Database record delete

Note: There are other Events available and if you choose to use them in the Table tab, then you must also add them in the Event tab.  A full list is available when you click the Event Search box from either the Tables tab or the Events tab during adding. 100,101,102 are useful when auditing password changes in the _user table.

  1. Set the Event level to On.
  2. Save the record and repeat this process to create all three events (5100, 5101, 5102)
  3. When finished, commit your changes.