Columns Removed in the Gift Detail Section in the Fund Statement Designer still Appear when Previewing or Running Statement

I removed the gift amount and gift date columns in Fund Statement Designer, however, when I preview the statement or run the statement in graphical viewer, the columns are still there, how can I fix this?
The attached document outlines the process for removing columns in the report layout on page 9. In addition to going to Fund Statement Designer and removing them there, they must also be removed from the saved report report layout itself as well that the statement uses.

For gift amount and gift date, these are located in the giftdetail sub-report which forms part of the main layout. You will need to copy the GiftDetail sub-report since the default cannot be edited. Once the changes are made and saved in the new copy sub-report, you will then edit the main report layout that the statement uses and point the main report layout to use the new GiftDetail copy. As an added note, you will not be able to edit the default layout, that also will need to be copied, and then update the saved report to use that new copy.

For example, this statement uses the Basic Layout, note that the Basic Layout itself cannot be edited. You can copy it by clicking the copy button. Note the sub-reports listed there that are within the main layout:

Here on the main layout, note that when you click on the gift detail sub-report, on the right side under the Misc, note the name of the gift detail sub-report that this main layout is using. When you copy the gift sub-report and open it, remove the desired columns and save. Then go back to this main report layout and change the name of the giftdetail sub-report that it uses to the copy that you just created, most likely it will be named Copy of Gift Detail Subreport and then save your main report layout.

Be sure to go to the Saved Reports and click Update to save the changes to use the new report layout.

Customizing Graphical Reports.pdf



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