Error Value cannot be displayed in FACTS reports with Numbers in the Billions after upgrading to 14.60

After upgrading to 14.60, numbers in the billions cannot be displayed in FACTS reports, specifically the Pool Allocation Processing\Pool Processing Report which is the report that comes up after clicking Allocate, the  FACTS Allocations Edit Report and the Post FACTS Edit report.
Any further work regarding billions or tens of billions issues in FIMS will not be addressed. This is due to the fact that in FE NXT that issues with large digit display will not occur as we see in FIMS. This year, 2018, development is working on integrating the FIMS Investment Management and Spending Policy features into Financial Edge NXT.


Steps to Duplicate

1. Go to the Reconciliation tab and select an account to reconcile
2. On the reconcile tab enter in numbers in the billions in either or both the unrealized and realized gains fields and save.
3. Go to the Processes tab and select Pool Allocation Processing and then click Run Process
4. Note that on the initial Pool Allocation Process-Account Summary report, this report displays the billions figures correctly.
5. Click Allocate on this report
6. When the Pool Allocation Process-Pool Processing report opens, note the message **Value 11111.111111 cannot be displayed using (zzzz.999999). (74) Note also the End of Day Price has question marks rather than values.
7. Click on Run Unitization Report from this report, and note that the unitization report does not have these messages and figures in the billions display correctly.
8. Close the unitization report and click FACTS Allocations Edit Report from the menu in the report in step 6, note the same errors as in step 6
9. Click on Post FACTS and note the same errors as in step 6 on the FACTS Post Allocations report
10. Click Edit and Post G/L from the menu of the FACTS Post Allocations report and note that this report does not contain the messages
11. Click on Post Journal from the menu of the FACTS Post Allocations report and note that this report also does not contain the messages.

Note that FACTS can be posted without error in spite of the messages on these three reports.



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