How do I update or modify existing Volunteer Type and Status through import?

Am I able to update or modify existing Volunteer Type and Status through Import? Can they be deleted in Bulk using Global Delete or global Change?
How to Globally Delete an entire row from Volunteer record.
How to delete the volunteer type, volunteer status and date from a record.
There is no option to delete the entire row from the Volunteer record.  It cannot be completed through import or Global Delete.  

It is possible to delete a Volunteer type using Global Delete.

Go to Admin>Globally Change Records>Constituent>New Change
Include a query of record to change
Under Available Fields, scroll down to Volunteers>Volunteer Type and Select it.
Set the Operation to Delete
Choose the value to Delete using the drop down arrow
Click OK
Click Change Now

Deleting the Volunteer type will not delete the Status of that type in the process.

If you also want to Delete the Status, you will add this information to the same Global Change
Status: Replace X with <blank>

Global Change Volunteer Type

It is NOT possible to remove a Start Date or End Date from the Volunteer record.  It will return as an exception in a Global Change regardless of the selections made.  This is a limitation of the Volunteer Module.  I would certainly recommend adding this program suggestion to our Ideas Community page at Idea Bank.  Our developers check here first when considering program enhancements and features to see what our users are most interested in seeing implemented.  You can review other ideas and vote for them and of course if your idea is already listed, be sure to add your vote.  

NOTE: The record may appear to be an exception in the Control Report (due to having multiple volunteer types or not removing the status with the Volunteer Type), but the Volunteer Type is removed from the Constituent record.



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