Why might you consider Bulk data delivery?

Local Data Warehousing

Many organizations leverage local data warehouses to build reports or bring together data from multiple systems. If you already have a local data warehouse build on top of an on-premise installation of Raiser's Edge or Financial Edge, you will be able to leverage the backups provided by this solution to continue to power your warehouse with minimal alterations.

Reduced Time to Value for Cloud Migrations

Keeping internal processes up and running is essential when transitioning to a new solution, and this type of disruption can be one of the biggest challenges when migrating to the cloud. The Bulk Data Delivery solution alleviates this impact by providing your data in the same classic schema that existing processes that rely on direct database access.

Point in Time Data Retention

Audits and periodic data reconciliation across systems can be made significantly easier by having point in time data captures to reference back to. Retain backups from specific days on your local storage to reference back to later.


Custom reporting is often powered by direct database access, often through SQL Reporting Services. Critical custom reports can continue to run or be built with a familiar tool set using the files provided by the Bulk Data Delivery solution.

Raw Data Access

It's your data, so use it however you want. Perform data mining operations to better understand trends in your data, or otherwise manipulate this copy of your data however you want to.


Many integrations rely on direct database access. Bulk Data Delivery can be used to power outbound integrations and keep your production data secure by integration through this secondary, read-only copy of your data.

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