If your organization accesses your nightly backups through the secure file share

These bak files provided by the Bulk Data Delivery solution can be accessed by any user in the READMIN or RESECURE user groups, which can be managed through your Citrix active directory. To access your secure file share where this database is stored, use the following connection information, along with the SFTP client of your choice:

  • HOST: files.blackbaudhosting.com
  • PORT: 22
  • USERNAME: [Your Hosting Username]@SITEID
  • PASSWORD: [Your Hosting Password]
  • DEFAULT REMOTE DIRECTORY: /production/[SITEID]/backup

Note:If you need to reset your password please follow the steps in How to reset a Blackbaud Hosting Services user's password.


If your organization's database resides in the Blackbaud SKY environment and you access your nightly backups through the Backups tab in The Raiser's Edge NXT or The Financial Edge NXT web view:

  1. Navigate to renxt.blackbaud.com or fenxt.blackbaud.com .
  2. Log in with your Blackbaud.com credentials.
  3. In the top-right corner of the omnibar, click the Databases icon > Database options.
  4. Click the Backups tab.
  5. Follow the steps noted on this tab, or in the Database view options guide, to download your organization's available backups.