You can see this by running a Follow-Up Service report.

In order to run the report you:
  1. Log in to the school's Smart Tuition Account
  2. Hover on the Reports tab
  3. Click Create a New Custom Report
  4. Click Family Export (first field from the left)
  5. Select what Fields you would like to include
  6. Select Follow-Up Service-ON/OFF (it will be located in the first column and the third from the bottom)
  7. Click the Equal tab (located right by the Follow-Up Service field tab)
  8. Click the box right beside the Equal tab
  9. Select "OFF" from the Pop-Up window
  10. Click OK
  11. Click Next
  12. Name and Describe you report
  13. Save the report
  14. From there you can run the report by Clicking Download
Note: Upon Downloading the report, the report will automatically be generated in Excel