To configure your Raiser's Edge NXT with Gmail, follow the steps below:
  1. Raiser’s Edge NXT admin only! Enable the add-on for use at your organization. (Note: This only needs to be done once)
    • Navigate to Control Panel, Applications.
    • Select Available apps 
    • Look for Raiser's Edge NXT for Gmail and select Connect (Note: once connected the app is active)
       2. Install the Raiser’s Edge NXT for Gmail add-on from the G Suite Marketplace. (Note: each user will need to do this for their Gmail account)

       3. Refer to our help content for further details on how to authorize and use the add-on.

FAQ: Raiser’s Edge NXT for Gmail
I’ve installed the Raiser’s Edge NXT for Gmail add-on. Why don’t I see the add-on icon in Gmail yet?
If this is your first Gmail add-on, it may take a few minutes for the Gmail add-on pane and Raiser’s Edge NXT for Gmail add-on icon to display in your Gmail account. Be patient, and confirm that you are looking at a single email thread and not multiple items in your inbox or other Gmail folder.
I’ve used the Raiser’s Edge NXT for Gmail add-on previously, but am not currently seeing it in Gmail. Why?
Gmail add-ons are displayed when viewing, responding to, or forwarding emails. They do not appear when composing a new email.
Why are the date formats displayed in the Raiser’s Edge NXT for Gmail add-on different than what I see in Raiser’s Edge NXT Web View?
The Raiser's Edge NXT for Gmail add-on currently displays all dates as MM/DD/YYYY. Blackbaud plans to enhance the add-on to localize the date formats based on the Gmail user’s locale settings. We are currently awaiting a Gmail Add-ons platform enhancement from Google before doing so.

I am receiving the error message "ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS" after attempting to complete the Oauth process within the Gmail Add-on.  How do I fix this?
Currently, you are only able to use the Gmail Add-on if you are logged into a single Google account.  If you are logged into multiple Google accounts simultaneously, you must sign out of one of the accounts to use the Gmail Add-on.

Does the Raiser's Edge NXT Gmail Add-in work on mobile devices?
At this time Google does not support add-ins on Mobile devices /tablets for Gmail. Once this is made available we will work towards compatibility.  Click here for an alternative solution.