Why is my FACTS beginning market value incorrect?

The FACTS beginning market value is created by calculating the average dollar value per unit of an investment Pool over time, and multiplying it by the Spending Rate to arrive at a spending amount per unit.
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Follow these troubleshooting steps to discover why your FACTS beginning market value could be incorrect.
  1. Was everything posted for the month prior to running FACTS?  Example: If you run Facts at 8:30 am on 1/31, anything else posted on 1/31 will have a FACTS confirmation date of 2/01.                                                     
    • To prevent this, post everything for the month, then run FACTS as your last step for the month.
  2. Confirm your spending policy is set up correctly by reviewing these steps.
  3. Has there been a new investment account that has not been added to the FACTS pool? If so, follow these steps

If the steps did not resolve your issue, contact support.



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