General Considerations for Contributions Based Membership Functionality:
  1. Altru can’t sell contribution based memberships through Daily, Advance, or Online sales methods.  The foundation of this feature is constituents give a gift (donation) and then they receive a membership as a result of the gift amount. 
  2. The process that assigns the membership does not run real time, but rather runs once every night, so new contributions members wouldn’t be able to enjoy automatic discounts until at least 24hrs after the donation was entered into the system. 
  3. The process  that gives a contributions based membership can only be run once day.  
  4. Altru can’t limit who receives a membership based on constituent type.  For instance, the giving levels would be set for ANY constituent record (individual or org). 
  5. Contributions membership can only be awarded based on the gift, not on recognition (soft credits). 
  6. If there will be a second named member on a membership, an Altru user must manually add that second person after the membership has been awarded.
  7. Because memberships are not purchased, the membership “transactions” on the member record will not be linked to the gift payment(s) that awarded the membership.
Data Conversion Related Considerations for Contributions Based Memberships:
  1. Membership cannot be converted into a Contributions Based Membership program. It will need to be a brand new program.  It cannot be a Dues & Contributions based program.
  2. The Join Date for the Contributions Based program is based on the new program.  A join date from a previous program cannot carry over.  Memberships are awarded based on gifts that have a gift date with the terms of the membership program.  For example, if a membership allows 1 year memberships, the Altru process will look at all qualifying gifts within the past 365 days.
  3. You will need to decide how to transition members from the historical Dues program to Contributions program.  Most commonly: members stay in dues based levels until their membership expires and they make a gift payment. 
  4. Altru’s contribution process only takes into account donations from that membership term.  For example, if the membership is set up for a 1 year term, then the nightly process only looks at the past year of donations from the qualifying gifts.