Error: Please enter a valid 'Constituencies' - When updating constituencies via import

This issue can occur for any/all constituency updates via import whether it's a Constituent Update Batch or coming from a BBIS User Login part.  Upon import or in batch a user may see an error with the message, "Please enter a valid 'Constituencies'", if the user already has a constituent record with that constituency or is updating that constituency.

We are currently evaluating this issue for a fix in a future service pack.

Steps to Duplicate

1) Add a constituent ad-hoc query, filtering on a specific constituent and Constituencies\Constituency is equal to Major giving prospect
2) Set the following display fields, which will be used in the import process
Last name/Organization/Group/Household name
Constituent record* (Note: This appears in the export file as 'System record ID')
Constituencies\Date from
Constituencies\Date to
Constituencies\System record ID
3) Export the query as a csv file
4) Create a constituent update batch import process using the csv from step 3. Map the following fields:
Last name/Organization/Group/Household name to the Last/Org/Group/Household name field
System record ID to the Constituent field
Constituencies\System record ID to Constituency 1 field in the Constituencies collection field
Constituencies\Date from to the Date from 1 field in the Constituencies collection field
Constituencies\Date to the Date to 1 field in the Constituencies collection field
5) On the Set options > Other tab of the import set the following options
Search list fields: ID
Simple data list fields: ID
6) Save the import process > Run the import process > Notice that the record is imported successfully with an exception
7) Open the batch > Notice that the Major giving prospect constituency is duplicated in the batch, indicating that the import tried to add a new constituency instead of updating the existing constituency.

or from BBIS:

1) Create a BBIS User Login part and select a constituency to assign users who sign up on the page.
2) Put the part on a page.
3) In CRM, add a new individual constituent
4) On the constituent record, go to Personal Info > Constituencies > Add the constituency that is used on the User Login part in step 1.
5) Go to the page containing the user login part > Register as a new user using the new constituent's information (from step 3).
6) In CRM, go to Web > Manage Web Transactions > Download the signup transaction
7) Validate the batch > Make sure that the new user registration is matched to the new constituent added in step 3.
8) Commit the batch
9) Notice that an error occurred and the exception batch has the error "Please enter a valid 'Constituencies'"


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