I'm receiving an error when trying to load the online applications and reporting dashboard part in Blackbaud Grantmaking (GIFTS Online)

When I log in to Blackbaud Grantmaking (GIFTS Online), I'm receiving an error in my 'Online Applications and Reporting' dashboard part. The error looks like this:

Message : Client found response content type of '', but expected 'text/xml'.

The request failed with the error message:



<HEAD><TITLE>System Unavailable</TITLE>



<BODY bgcolor='#e3e8ee'>

<table height='70px' width='98%' cellpadding=0 cellspacing=10 bgcolor='#e3e8ee' align=center>


<td align=center valign=center>

<img src='http://www.microedge.com/~/media/Images/maintenance_icon_wrench1.ashx' height='50px'>



<TABLE height='660px' width='55%' align=center style='font-family:Arial; color:#5f5f5f;'>


<TD align=center valign=center style='background-color:#ffffff; padding:15px'>

<img src='http://www.microedge.com/~/media/Images/maintenance_icon_wrench1.ashx' height='80px'>



System Unavailable




<div style='background-color:#e3e8ee; padding:15px'>This system is currently unavailable; Systems Support has been notified of the issue and is investigating. Please try your request again at a later time.




Thank you for your patience.</div>






How can I resolve this error?

This error is being caused by an issue with Blackbaud's DNS provider. We are treating this as a critical issue and working diligently to resolve it. As a workaround, you should be able to do all your application management via the Launch > Applications tab in Blackbaud Grantmaking (GIFTS Online). It is also worth noting that applicants and grantees are NOT affected by this issue.


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