What happens to business processes owned by a Non-Admin user when all of their roles are removed

An Org may have a Non-Admin user that is leaving and that user has numerous business processes assigned to them through system roles and that user needs to be removed from those roles. 
Will this affect any business processes once they are removed. 
The only way those business processes could be affected is if they were created by the non admin user that is leaving. 
If these were created by someone else in the Org and assigned to that user then your good to go.

To check and see if they created the business processes, 
1. Go to the Admin tab > Security > Application users >
2. Find the application user in question and click on their name > then click on Business Process Ownership 
3. If they have any processes that they are owner of then those will need to be giving/assigned to a new user.


 Blackbaud CRM

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