1. Navigate to the Blackbaud Merchant Services portal at https://bbms.blackbaud.com
  2. Enter the Blackbaud Merchant Services login  (Note: This login is different from the eTapestry login.)
  3. Click Account Management > General Settings
  4. Scroll down to Account Configurations at the bottom right
  5. Click the ellipsis (...) button next to a configuration and select Edit:
    • Select eTapestry Online to edit settings for online transactions (DIY forms, eStore (Cart), Personal Fundraiser)
    • Select eTapestry Offline to edit settings for offline transactions (Auto-Processing, Processing Transactions from a Journal Entry)
  6. Select the desired AVS or CSC level from the drop down menu:
  7. Click Save to keep the changes

For information regarding these settings please see What are Address Verification System (AVS) Settings? and What are the Card Security Code (CSC) settings in the merchant account settings?