What Happens When a User Opts out Of Directory Messaging?

The Directory Part Allows messaging between directory users. What happens when a user opts out of these messages?

When a user opts out of directory messaging, the envelope beneath the "messaging" option disappears. Users can no longer message users through the directory part. 

Please note that if the user has their email address associated with their profile and has not marked their email address as private through a User Profile Form, it will still show when another directory user clicks on their name:
User-added image

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Log into NetCommunity with non-supervisor user
  2. Navigate to the email preferences page
  3. Select the check box to opt out of directory communication
  4. Select "Update" User-added image
  5. Note that if you navigate to the email preferences page, the opt out will already be selected.
    1. Note: This does not result in a profile update in Raiser's Edge 
  6. Logged in as another user, we can still search the user who opted out of Directory communication through the directory part User-added image
  7. Compare to when a user allows directory messaging:User-added image

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