How to opt into a Newsletter: 
  1. Navigate to the email preferences form while logged in as a non-supervisor user
  2. Select the checkbox by the newsletters you want to receive
  3. Select "update"
User-added image
  1. Log into Raiser's Edge
  2. Navigate to the constituent record of the non-supervisor user
  3. Select the "NetCommunity" Tab
  4. Scroll to "Email/Newsletters"
  5. Note that this constituent is now subscribed to the newsletter 
User-added image
  1. This user will not receive this newsletter
How to opt out of a Newsletter:
  1. Log into NetCommunity
  2. Navigate to Email Preferences Page
  3. unchecks the box to the newsletter they no longer want to receive
  4. User selects "update"
  5. Navigate to Raiser's Edge 
  6. View the user's constituent record in Raiser's Edge
  7. Note that "No" is now listed by "subscribed" for this newsletter
  8. This user will no longer receive this newsletter