Please note that one cannot add multiple taxes separately to a merchandise item. If you need to assign multiple taxes to merchandise, please bundle them into one common tax before connecting them to merchandise.

Step 1: Configure the Tax Entity
  1. From Tickets, Click Ticket Sales Setup > Tax Entities
  2. Click Add 
  3. Enter the Tax Entity Description
  4. Click Save
Step 2: Configure the Tax
  1. From Tickets, Click Taxes
  2. Click Add
  3. Enter the Tax Name and Description
  4. Mark if this will be the 'Default Tax for Merchandise'
    • Note: If you add some merchandise items to Altru before you configured the sales tax, this option will not apply to those items. It will only apply to new merchandise items created after you checked the box.
  5. Under Items
    1. Choose the Tax Entity
    2. Enter the Percent
  6. Click Save
Step 3: Apply the Tax to the Merchandise Items
  1. From Merchandise, Click Merchandise Search
  2. Search and Select the Merchandise Item
  3. In the task bar on the left, Click Edit Merchandise
  4. In the Tax section, Choose the applicable tax from the dropdown
  5. Click Save