How to run the BBNC Consent Source Updater plugin

For locally-installed databases integrated with NetCommunity, Blackbaud recommends running the BBNC Consent Source Updater immediately after installing patch 10 for The Raiser's Edge 7.96. 

Do I need to run this plugin? What does the plugin do, and how do I run it? 
Any customer installing patch 10 who also uses NetCommunity Service Pack 3 (version should download and run the BBNC Consent Source Updater plugin. 

This plugin creates the table entry that NetCommunity requires when adding consent information to Raiser's Edge constituents. If the RE database is NOT integrated with NetCommunity, the plugin has no effect. 

NOTE: The table entry created by the plugin cannot be deleted. This is to avoid accidental deletion by users and loss of NetCommunity data. 

To run the plugin:
  1. Download the zip file attached to this article. 
  2. Follow the steps in How to install and run a standard or custom plug-in to register the plugin in The Raiser's Edge Plugins folder. 
  3. Ensure all other users are logged out of the database. 
  4. In The Raiser's Edge, go to Plugins > BBNC Consent Source Updater.
  5. Click Begin.

As an alternate solution, users can manually create the table entry created by the plugin:
  1. Go to Config > Tables > Consent Source.
  2. Click New Table Entry.
  3. Name the table entry NetCommunity and ensure it's not marked Inactive.
  4. Click OK.
NOTE: Unlike an entry created by the plugin, a manually-created table entry could later be deleted by users, preventing complete data from being downloaded from NetCommunity.

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