Error: Unable to post payments through NXT

We are unable to post our payments through NXT due to the follow error code "Failed to save (batch)- You do not have rights to add a batch" in the export screen within Smart.
If you receive the following error message when exporting payment data, then you may have zero dollar entries turned off.

Error: We encountered following error(s) during export.
          Failed to save (batch)- You do not have rights to add batches.


Go into your Financial Edge software and make sure that the Do not allow zero amount is unchecked.


Steps to Duplicate

  1. Login to
  2. Select the applicable school year
  3. Hover over the Blackbaud tab at the top
  4. Select Send Blackbaud Payment Data
  5. Click on Cash export
  6. Select the date from the drop-down
  7. Click on Preview
  8. Click on Export

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