1. Core > Lists > Manage Lists > Manage Basic and Advanced List 
2. Add > Advanced List 
3. In the Select Objects tab, expand Advisory Group 
4. Select Advisory Group, Advisory Base, Advisory Term, and Advisory Enrollment 
5. Next, expand Constituent Information 
6. Select User Base 
User-added image

7. In the Display Fields tab, mark the checkbox for Enable Grouping Options 
8. Click Select Fields 
9. Expand Advisory Group > Select any display fields needed 
10. Expand Advisory Enrollment and select Dropped 
11. Click Select 
12. In the Filters tab, add Global Filters for: 

* Advisory Enrollment.Dropped equal to 1 

* Advisory Term.School Year any of ####-#### (select your current school year or year range)

User-added image

13. Enter a Name for your list 
14. Click Save 
15. Click Preview to view the list's results