In CRM, if you set an End Date of Today on a Prospect Manager, CRM interprets that as the end of the day, therefore:
  • The Prospect Manager value is valid until the end of the day and
  • CRM does not actually remove the PROSPECTMANAGERFUNDRAISERID from the prospect record. 
The only time CRM will remove this ID is if the Prospect Manager has an End Date in the past at the time the update occurs (so if you set the End Date to yesterday, then it would then remove the ID right away).

If there is a PROSPECTMANAGERFUNDRAISERID on the Prospect, the sync will bring that person over to TA as the staff on the account/name in TA. Therefore, as long as this value is still populated in CRM, the staff will keep coming over to TA, even if the Prospect Manager has been marked as ended.

The best resolution to this is to go to CRM in the frontend and edit the Prospect Manager (which should be no one at this point) and just save the blank record. That will update the Prospect record to have a null PROSPECTMANAGERFUNDRAISERID, and thus null will sync over to the staff in TA. 

Here are the steps to do it in CRM:

1.  Open the Constituent record and click on "Prospect":

User-added image
2.  In the Navigator, click on "Edit Prospect Manager":

User-added image

3.  Make sure the fields in the dialog box are empty and then click "Save":

User-added image