Add fields to the Batch template 
  1. Go to Revenue
  2. Click Batch entry 
  3. Click Batch templates from the task menu
  4. Click expand next to your constituent update batch template
  5. Click edit
  6. Click the select fields tab
  7. Move over email address information
  8. Click save
Header file 
  1. Go to the Administration Tab
  2. Click Import
  3. From the task, menu click generate header file
  4. Select constituent update batch
  5. if you are updating multiple email address for one constituent update your quantity
  6. add in you constituent name
  7. add lookup Id
  8. Add the email address you need to update
  9. Add email address type that is listed on the record
  10. In the column that says "do not send email to this email address"  say yes
  11. Save your excel as a CSV file 
  1. Go to administration
  2. Click Import
  3. Click add
  4. Expand the constituent folder
  5. Select constituent update batch
  6. On the configure tab
  7. Name your progress
  8. In the file tab browser for you CVS file
  9. Go to the map fields tab
  10. Click Automap
  11. Scroll to the email address
  12. Highlight collection field next to email address
  13. Click map collection field
  14. Click automap, or manually map the fields 
  15. Click okay
  16. Go to the set options tab
  17. Click other
  18. Under search, list fields select quick find 
  19. Click the expand button next to your process and click start process
View batch 
  1. Click administration
  2. Click batch click batch entry
  3. Open your batch and verify/ validate batch
  4. Save batch 
  5. Click the expand button next to it and click commit