References are users that have been selected by Applicants to complete a Reference Request on behalf of the Applicant. References are unable to edit their recommendation after it has been submitted without action by the Administrator.

An administrator must take action to move a reference's submission back to a Drafted category in order for the reference to make any edits.
  1. Locate the application for which this reference request was completed.
    • If the Reference Request question was located on the General or a Conditional Application, navigate to the General or Conditional Application > Applications grid and search the application of the student the Request was completed for. Once you have located the application, click "View".
    • If the Reference request question was located on an Apply To Opportunity, navigate to that Opportunity's Applications grid and search for the application of the student the Request was completed for. Once located, click "View'.
  2. Scroll through the application until you find the Reference Request question. If the Reference Request is in a submitted state, you should see the name of the reference followed by a link that says Return to Drafted. Click the Return to Drafted link to place the request back in a drafted category and enable the Reference to make further edits.
    Returning a reference to drafted link
  3. Instruct the reference to log back in to the system in order to make the needed changes, and resubmit their request.