Note: Once the first month has passed upon the billing detail having been applied, it can no longer be removed. Once an item has been billed, it is no longer able to be removed.
You are able to Zero Out the billing detail in question. In order to zero out a billing detail:​
  1. Use the Search field in the upper right to locate your family by Family ID, or through Families > Manage Families
  2. Check to see if any payments have been applied to the billing detail 
    1. Click here for How do I view the payment allocation?
    2. If payments have been allocated to the billing item, Click here for How do I unallocate a payment?
  3. Open the "What Can I Do?" menu on the left by hovering over the blue arrow tab
  4. Select Edit Billing Detail
  5. Find the billing detail and scroll to the right
  6. Click Zero Out Item
  7. Provide the reason for the change
  8. Click Save 
Note: If you had to un-allocate a payment, you can re-allocate that payment. Click here for How do I custom allocate a payment?