Depending on the end goal, using one or a combination of multiple methods below can be used to group transactions together by date or to prevent transactions from different dates from being in the same batch.

1)    Update the status of the existing, open BBIS donation batches. By updating the batch status (changing the batch status from the initial status to step 2 of the batch workflow), no new donations will be downloaded into that batch.
2)    Limit the number of transactions put into a batch. By limiting the number of transactions allowed in a batch assignment, you can force the creation of new batches. If the goal was to prevent a batch from having transactions from different dates, setting the max transactions per batch to 1 would force a new batch to be created for every transaction in that batch assignment setting.
3)    Not automatically downloading transactions. Instead, running the download process on a queue scheduled to run multiple times a day, for example the hours of 9:00am – 11:58pm. By doing this, transactions would download into the same batch during the day (9:00am – 11:58pm) and you could update the status of the donation batch every morning so that when transactions are downloaded again starting at 9:00am, they’ll be downloaded into a new batch.

There is a suggestion on the Idea Bank to add a new feature allowing batch assignment by transaction date.